Frequently Asked Questions

  1. As provided in the Rental Agreement, Occupant MAY NOT STORE any prohibited materials, including, but not limited to, the following under any circumstances:
  • any living creature or organism, or any dead animal or other carcass;
  • gasoline, oil, fuel, grease, or flammable chemicals;
  • explosives, fireworks, or ammunition;
  • corrosive, toxic, or hazardous materials or waste;
  • asbestos or asbestos-containing construction materials;
  • lawn debris (grass clippings, brush, etc.);
  • construction debris, tires, oil, or batteries, whether new or used;
  • items having noxious smell in Owner’s sole judgment;
  • marijuana and/or controlled substances;
  • stolen property;
  • any illegal drug, unlawful or illegal drug paraphernalia or any chemical used in the manufacture or processing of any unlawful or illegal drug;
  • anything with a fuel tank (vehicles, boats, motorcycles, mowers, etc.)
  • gasoline cans or similar containers for combustible fuel;
  • liquid propane tanks, oxygen tanks, or similar containers; or
  • food, fertilizers, pesticides, or items which are wet and could mildew.
  1. Occupant MAY NOT USE the space or any portions for the following:
  • lodging, sleeping, cooking, or consumption of alcoholic beverages;
  • garage sale, flea market, or direct sales from the space;
  • parties, gatherings, meetings for any purpose, or building floats;
  • business office or full-time work area;
  • sanding, painting, welding, soldering, or operating power equipment;
  • practicing or playing musical instruments (individual or group);
  • any use that violates zoning, fire, or criminal codes or other laws; or
  • activities classified as a nuisance in Owner’s sole judgment.
  1. Occupant MAY NOT DO any of the following:
  • alter, paint, or deface any part of the space or facility;
  • put weight on or attach anything to structural elements;
  • put holes in floors or other parts of the leased space;
  • have a sign visible to others or install an alarm system in the space; or
  • modify electrical service or use electricity for other than lights.
Business Office Hours

Monday to Saturday: 9AM-6PM

Sunday: 9AM-1PM

Month-to-month lease.
There are two options.

Option 1: Give keys and access codes to whoever you wish.

Option 2: Have individual access codes for as many people with the ability to track who comes in, ideal for businesses.

No, we do not currently offer this service. All customers are advised to take a copy of the Rental Agreement to their insurance provider to add-on the storage to their insurance policy for insurance coverage.
Unfortunately, we do not pro-rate the rent. All customers rent on a monthly basis with an anniversary due date.
We do not offer moving services, but we recommend Guam Pak Express for all your moving needs.
With our rates already among the lowest (if not the lowest), all of our customers enjoy the most affordable storage option. Plus, we do not require a security deposit.
Absolutely, anytime depending on availability of the preferred unit. The monthly rate will be adjusted accordingly and pro-rated. There is a small fee of $5 to transfer.
Yes, we offer on-site mailbox services with our in-house GU Mail and will be able to receive your packages. Must be a current mailbox renter.
Physical emergencies: go to the hospital.

Storage emergencies: please contact the General Manager.